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I lost a lot of friends. Daniel Bryan on concussions, his uncertain WWE future, ​“I was shocked,” admitted Mysterio. Before the powers-that-be in WCW could decide whether Mysterio was the right fit for the company, he first had to debut. “There were so many plans moving forward that would have been incredible. Mysterio started wrestling professionally at the age of 14, but the masked superstar grew up in a wrestling ring. The match was headlined by Aguayo and TNA’s Manik against Rey Mysterio and Extreme Triger (Tigre Uno in TNA). © 2020 ABG-SI LLC. That’s definitely not the condition I wanted to wrestle Shawn Michaels in, but we performed that night for Eddie.”. “I’ve always tried to connect as much as possible with my fans, but now there is even more of a connection,” said Mysterio. TNA announcer and lucha libre expert Mike Tenay chimed in as well: Absolutely stunned by the news of El Hijo del Perro Aguayo's death last night in Tijuana. Ryno Wrestling Review Episode 123: Indy Superstar Camaro Jackson Joins The Show! Everything that I carry inside my heart is because I have lived. El Hijo del Perro Aguayo was among the most decorated AAA stars in recent memory as a three-time Mexican National Tag Team champion as well as a former Mexican National Light … I’m hoping that, one day, my son will carry this on.”. Pedro, su nombre real, murió la madrugada del sábado ante el incumplimiento de algunos puntos del reglamento de la Comisión de Box y Lucha Libre Municipal de Tijuana por parte de las autoridades locales y la empresa The Crash Lucha Libre. Mysterio wrestled his last WWE match April of 2014, and internet reports then circulated that the WWE extended his contract without his approval. Fans may wish to see Mysterio return to a WWE ring, but if that day ever does come, it is possible he will not be returning alone. Haz tuya la app de juanfutbol ¡Es gratis! He said: “It makes me very sad because he was a professional colleague and I have great affection for his father. But Vince was really cool right off the bat. Germany's 6-0 defeat to Spain was just the latest bit of evidence that the game has passed Jogi Low by. “I honestly never thought I would get hired by WWE,” said Mysterio. Rest in peace, El Hijo del Perro Aguayo. 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While Heyman brought out the best in his performers by allowing them to be themselves, that creative license did not exist in World Championship Wrestling, which was Mysterio’s destination the following year in 1996. I’ve already done good for myself, so I really needed a break. Suscríbete a tus equipos favoritos y domina el mercado de traspasos. I never had the time to participate in my kids’ lives or be around my wife. The Crash estará obligada como la empresa responsable, según el artículo 264, “a cubrir los gastos médicos necesarios en caso de que el luchador sufra un accidente en la lucha para la que fue contratado”. “We’re constantly on the grind, and it’s just hard to see so many good, close friends leave so soon. He returns to his feet and takes a head scissors from Mysterio, bumping outside to the floor, twisting his body while running to take the move and go through the ropes. I thought it was going to be a dark match, but this was live pay per view. He had much ahead of him.”. Ryno Wrestling Review Episode 126: Clearing Out The RWR Mailbag! [Mexican wrestling promotion] AAA was getting ready to kick off, and he gave me a call one day and said, ‘You need to come down here and be a part of this.’”. My first night with WWE was coming in after a match with Chavo [Guererro]. Aguayo was 35 years old. Sin su máscara, el luchador mexico-americano Rey Misterio Jr. asistió a los funerales de Pedro Aguayo, el "Hijo del Perro Aguayo", llevados a cabo en la ciudad de Guadalajara, Jalisco. Follow him on Twitter @JustinBarrasso. Al lado de Misterio Jr. ingresaron a la capilla del Parque Funeral Colonias los exluchadores Konnan, Latin Lover además del Rayo de Jalisco Jr., Rayman, América Salvaje y Maligno. Jair Pereira acude al TAS para denunciar a Gallos, Mauro podría salir de Xolos este mercado invernal, Mauro Quiroga llegaría a Pachuca para la próxima temporada, Chucky marcando el segundo gol del Tri ante Japón, Raúl Jiménez puso el primero para México ante Japón, JJ Macías estaría descartado para el repechaje, Jugadores del Beijing Guoan en el aeropuerto, El XI ideal de los mexicanos que han jugado con el Galaxy, La visión de los aficionados en México sobre el futuro del deporte. …, Tag-Team Title Match Added To The WrestleMania 31 Kickoff Show, Lucha Underground Star: ‘I’m Not Ready For WWE Or TNA Yet!’, AEW Dynamite Results (11/11): Pentagon vs. Fenix, MJF Inauguration, HUGE Return. I can’t believe some of us pack our bags and don’t make it home. SPORTS ILLUSTRATED is a registered trademark of ABG-SI LLC. “I always envisioned myself being one of those wrestlers wearing a mask,” said Mysterio. Fittingly, Mysterio’s lowpoint in WWE also occurred during the Royal Rumble. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. He was our leader of the locker – ‘Taker had the highest rank in the locker room, and we all paid our respects to him, always. Mysterio was only 17 years old at the time, with only a year remaining at Montgomery High in San Diego and a beautiful girlfriend – Angie, who is now his wife of 19 years – but Konnan managed to convince him. Mil Mascaras, hijo del Santo, Rey Mysterio Jr & Perro Aguayo vs Dr. Wagner Jr. Juventud Guerrera, Cien Caras & hijo del Diablo. The company didn’t know if I could deliver or not, and they were counting on what they’d seen on tapes and word of mouth. Mysterio then hit a splash off the top rope to score the pin, and Konnan signals that something is not right. Triple A Cuadrangular de Máscaras y Cabellera. Tragedy struck the Asistencia Asesoria y Administracion wrestling promotion Friday night in Tijuana, Mexico, as popular luchador El Hijo del Perro Aguayo died after suffering an injury in a match against former WWE Superstar Rey Mysterio. By leaning into its green and incorporating stripes, Austin FC's primary uniform will certainly stand out. I weighed my options, and leaving WWE was a decision my wife and I made together. Bischoff decided in 1999 that he wanted the diminutive superstar to lose his mask, which was devastating to Mysterio. “Standing in the corner of the ring, enjoying his entrance, watching him come to the ring, that’s a moment that will always stick with me. Four of the procedures have been major, including ACL reconstructive surgery and then an ACL/PCL tear in 2011. As a human being and as a performer, he’s just on another level. Supremely talented luchador and son of a legend. “I’d been carrying my mask for almost ten years, and in Mexico the mask is very prestigious. VIDEO: Yalitza Aparicio revela que escucha reguetón, Hijo de Susana Zabaleta quiere ser como Luis Miguel, Hospitalizan a actor de ‘The Good Doctor’ por coronavirus, Buscan a Mariana Morales; desapareció el 16 de noviembre en Magdalena Contreras, Activan Alerta Amber por Evelin; desapareció el 14 de noviembre en Coyoacán, No saben nada de Kenia Jatziri desde el 17 de noviembre; desapareció en Iztapalapa, VIDEO: Policías golpean a detenidos en la CDMX, Proponen salario base de 15 mil pesos para policías en Edomex. Pro wrestling's Wolfpac discuss Undertaker in WCW and Their Legacy, ​“Meeting Vince was eye-opening,” said Mysterio. We were wrestling five, six times a week. Once he hits the ropes, Aguayo is completely out and it appears that since he landed in the normal position to take the 619, that greatly added to the confusion as initially one would think he was just selling.”. Unfortunately, it turned into something far more tragic. No one knew how to market me like Vince McMahon. Eight years after winning the match, he entered as the thirtieth and final wrestler in 2014, a spot where the WWE Universe hoped to see Daniel Bryan. I wanted to do things on my terms. Carlos Rodriguez of The Associated Press reported the death may be tried as manslaughter: The state prosecutor's office said it has opened an investigation into possible manslaughter. Mysterio continues to grieve over the loss of his friend. Las transferencias del futbol mexicano e internacional al instante. There is no question that El Hijo del Perro Aguayo was among the most popular and successful luchadores in Mexico, and he will undoubtedly be missed. “I’m truly blessed to have a partner, a soulmate that’s been loyal and equal to me for all this time. Roughly translated, he wrote: “Just formed a friendship between brothers who opened years ago and we should not question the designs of God. Mysterio continues to give his heart and soul to the business. Rey Mysterio has commented on the tragedy on Twitter. De entrada, la función no se debió realizar y la falta del cumplimiento de las normas únicamente está estipulado que les cueste 7,050 pesos cuando recaudaron en taquilla 1.2 millones de pesos. Mysterio had no problem wearing the mask again in WWE. Aguayo lands on the outside and returns to the ring and is dropkicked, resulting in him landing against the ropes in the traditional position to take the 619. They’re my believers, and it’s those fans that I am loyal to and give a million thanks.”. But in this occasion I wonder why and I do not understand it…I take you with me for the rest of my life, rest in peace HijoDelPerro.”. Life goes so fast man. …, Dan is joined by indy superstar (and fellow St. Louisan) Camaro Jackson …, Dan is joined by his good friend Sondra Ruth, from Inside The …, Dan flies solo, for the latest edition of the Ryno Wrestling Review. “So not only to wear the mask but to carry the name that my uncle made, and continue on with the legacy, means a lot. He said they had big plans for me, and I was looking very forward to every single plan they had. But he is such a great human being as a person and a friend, which makes you appreciate him even more.”, Mysterio’s run in WWE culminated in a Royal Rumble win in 2006, where he entered second and lasted 62 minutes. As much as we’re blessed, it hurts to see a lot of brothers go away, especially when you’re really close to them.”. “Back then, in the early 90’s, wrestling was very famous in LA and would we’d wrestle in a lot of local bars, even Hollywood bars,” said Mysterio. I wasn’t mature enough, I was doubting myself, but I went to do Mexico, suffered for the first couple months, then AAA gave me my first exposure on national television.”. Para empezar, The Crash Lucha Libre violó el artículo 50 del reglamento de la comisión ya que no se contaba con “un área de enfermería, la cual deberá tener todo lo necesario para una pronta y adecuada atención de los luchadores y peleadores que requieran cuidado de urgencia…”. “Shawn came up to me and said, ‘I know Eddie would have loved to see me and you work together. On behalf of everyone here on the website, our condolences to the family, friends and fans of Perro Aguayo Jr. La Comisión de Box y Lucha Libre de Tijuana precisa en el mismo artículo 50 que en caso de que no se cumpla con esa área médica y las medidas correspondientes para atender a los luchadores, “la comisión podrá disponer de una multa o cancelación”, lo que no ocurrió. Aguayo was taken from the Municipal Auditorium to Del Prado Hospital by paramedics after he was treated. The 26-year veteran of the squared circle, without fail, always visualizes moments with the men he can no longer wrestle. I got home and realized I should have walked back into gorilla after I heard the boos, pulled Daniel Bryan out, and gave him my spot so he could go out and perform. “But I was in the heat of the moment. Extreme Tiger executes a dive to the outside on Manik while Konnan and Mysterio look to check on Aguayo. In this episode…. …, Welcome everyone to the newest episode of STF Underground! Kurt Angle on his failed return to WWE, wrestling Daniel Bryan, ​“I didn’t leave on bad terms,” explained Mysterio. The slang was, ‘WCW is where the big boys play.’ I was never confused with a big boy, so I dealt with a lot of criticism right away. Vickie eventually made her way to the ring and we had a good finish, but when we came backstage, Eddie went in storming. “My uncle was a second father to me,” said Mysterio. He captured the world heavyweight championship in a triple-threat match against Orton and Angle at WrestleMania 22.​, “That’s what really makes me acknowledge and makes me feel blessed,” said Mysterio. A Brother in the Biz has fallen. Rest in peace, El Hijo del Perro Aguayo.”. El documento que rige las peleas de box, lucha y kick boxing de Tijuana no se refiere en ninguno de sus protocolos a detalles específicos sobre el control de urgencias (ante ello Konnan desesperado lo zarandea tratando de reanimarlo), no hay lineamientos detallados sobre el manejo de una crisis médica, únicamente generalidades. “The fans are the reason why my position is where it is. “Dean Malenko, was someone I’d never wrestled, I’d never even met him before. “If I was to die and re-live again, I would pick the same life that I have now,” said Mysterio. En una imagen difundida en redes sociales, puede apreciarse cómo el luchador, sin su tradicional máscara, hace guardia junto al ataúd en donde yace el cuerpo de su colega de profesión. “I needed to prove that I could make it in the big leagues with my size and weight. As grateful as he is for everything wrestling has provided, Mysterio never forgets what it has taken away from him. They have placed me in this category, and I’ve become who I am because of them. I couldn’t stop it from happening.”. Aguayo looks to be in position to take the 619 from Mysterio. In their report, it’s stated that the death is being investigated as a possible manslaughter. I constantly heard, ‘You’re not a wrestler. There was definitely a curse. I wanted to detach myself from having a certain obligation. A big part of the reason Mysterio accepts independent bookings, he explained, is his connection with the fans. It was very different from what I knew, and I learned about the political side of wrestling. “WCW wanted to have me try-out, so I showed up in Baltimore for the match,” explained Mysterio. El referee no detiene la pelea y ya tirado una vez más Konnan zarandea al menos unas cinco veces del cuerpo y le mueve la cabeza al líder de los Perros del Mal. Aguayo was the son of lucha libre legend Perro Aguayo. The other wrestlers then began to improvise as the referee began to check on Aguayo, who was not moving. Now, I have control of my life and my career. The kids would run up to him and ask for autographs and pictures, and seeing him lacing up his boots in the locker room and putting on his mask before heading to the ring, that was all so real to me. @kenyondavid gives five reasons why we should make the CFP an eight-team tournament, ❓Do the Timberwolves keep No. UPDATE x 4: The Associated Press has picked up the story of Perro Aguayo Jr’s passing. The Crossover reveals its latest projections and intel ahead of the big night. Considering he owns over 200 of them – not to mention a whole closet full of wrestling wardrobe – the move felt as natural as lacing his boots.

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